Investigative Accounting

Forensic Accounting
Standards for independent auditors deal almost exclusively with the problem of materially misleading financial statements, and very little with employee fraud and misconduct. Our CPA forensic accounting experts unravel complex financial information, reconstruct transactions, and perform analytical review procedures designed to identify evidence and quantify damages.

Computer Forensics
A lot of relevant information may be stored or hidden electronically. We use state-of-the-art computer forensics and data mining tools to obtain and analyze massive amounts of electronic data. Our forensic experts take care not to corrupt evidence or prejudice any civil or criminal action that clients may choose to pursue.

Asset Recovery
Clients often wish to recover assets via the civil courts or proceed with a criminal prosecution. Our forensic experts are experienced in the preparation of reports and affidavits for use in court and in liaising with relevant authorities. We work as partners committed to providing competitively priced solutions needed to make even the most complex schemes understandable to both judge and jury.